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Backlit Light 40/50/60CM Round Smart Hotel Bedroom Defogging Decorative Mirror LED Bathroom Mirror 3 Color Adjustable Backlight With

Backlit Light 40/50/60CM Round Smart Hotel Bedroom Defogging Decorative Mirror LED Bathroom Mirror 3 Color Adjustable Backlight With

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Introduce a blend of contemporary elegance and advanced technology to your Australian home with our "LuxeView Smart LED Decorative Mirror." Available in sizes of 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm, this round, frameless mirror is the epitome of minimalist design, effortlessly complementing the modern aesthetic of any bathroom, restroom, powder room, or makeup room in Australia. Carefully crafted, it stands as not just a mirror, but as an art piece that elevates your space.

Sophisticated and Minimalist Design: The LuxeView mirror’s round shape offers a sleek and modern look, perfectly aligning with various decor styles. Its frameless design enhances its minimalist charm, making it a versatile addition to numerous room settings. From a chic hotel bathroom to a sophisticated home powder room, this mirror brings a luxurious touch.

Advanced LED Lighting Technology: Featuring a 3-color adjustable backlight, the LuxeView mirror provides ideal lighting for any requirement. Select from warm (3000K), natural (4000K), or cool (6000K) light settings to create the perfect atmosphere for grooming or enhancing the ambiance of your room. Its luminosity range ensures excellent illumination for all your grooming and makeup needs.

Smart Features for Modern Living: The mirror is equipped with an intuitive touch sensor, simplifying the control of lighting and features. Its innovative anti-fog technology ensures clarity, even in the most humid conditions, making it ideal for the busy Australian lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient: Designed with an eco-conscious mindset, our LED mirror conserves energy, aligning with the values of environmentally aware Australian consumers. This feature not only reduces your carbon footprint but also contributes to energy bill savings.

High-Quality Materials for Durability: Crafted with silver in the lenses, the mirror offers a crystal-clear reflection and maintains its quality over time. The durable plastic construction keeps the mirror lightweight, facilitating easy installation and handling.

Versatile and Easy Installation: The LuxeView mirror is suitable for a variety of rooms, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your space. The installation is straightforward, allowing for seamless integration into different room designs.

Package Contents: Each purchase includes 1 LuxeView Smart LED Decorative Mirror, complete with all necessary installation hardware and a user-friendly instruction manual.

Transform your living area with the "LuxeView Smart LED Decorative Mirror." It's not merely a functional item but a statement piece that infuses modern sophistication, high-tech functionality, and an eco-friendly design into your Australian home. Ideal for discerning customers, it promises to add a touch of warm, comfortable, and elegantly modern luxury to your everyday life.




40cm/50CM/60cm Round Smart Makeup LED Bathroom Mirror 3 Color Adjustable BackLight With Decorative Mirror For Bathroom

  • Shape: Round
  • Style: Modern/ Minimalist
  • Lenses Material:silver
  • Type: Frameless Mirrors
  • Room: Bathroom, restroom, powder room, makeup room
  • Color Temperature:3000/4000/6000K
  • Lumen:6100~8200LM
  • Features: Touch Sensor, Anti-Fog
  • Material: Plastic
  • Lenses Material:Silver
  • CCTK: 3000K-6000K


The mirror LED light can only keep on for no more than 2 hours due to circuit safety consideration.



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